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Where I am from, coming to America is an unachievable dream for most people; however, that dream became attainable to me one summer. When my father told my family and me that we were moving to America, I was very excited and I thought about a lot of things. I thought about all of the opportunities there were in the U.S. and how rich everyone must be. I also thought that everyone in the U.S. lived in big houses, and every school had a swimming pool. Most of what I conceived about America came from watching television, and a month later I would find out how wrong I was.

When my family and I got in the plane that would take us to the U.S., I was very excited. It was as if I had butterflies in ...view middle of the document...

One of my biggest fears entering the school was not being able to make friends as a result of all the other kids thinking that I was strange.

For the next couple of weeks, I would spend my time in classes sitting quietly in my desk, being almost invisible to my teachers and my peers; however, I had a want of belonging deep down inside. Therefore, I decided to try to start interacting with my peers. After about a week, I was still finding this to be very difficult. I was not a shy kid when I was in my country. In fact, I was one of the most outgoing kids in school there, but everything was so different in the U.S. I did not even know how or where to begin. Most of these kids knew each other since elementary school and it would have been very difficult for me coming from a different school let alone a different country. There was a barrier between my peers and I that I could not break no matter how hard I tried to bring it down.

This desperate need of mine to assimilate in the culture of the U.S. went against my father’s wishes as well. My desire for being accepted by my peers often conflicted with what my father wanted for me which was to focus on my studies and to not forget my culture of origin. I did not want to forget about my culture, but I also wanted to feel like I belonged in the U.S.; however, my father’s constant reminding of how much he had to sacrifice for me to have a better education and a better life in the U.S left me with no choice but to comply....

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