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Immoral Materialism The desire to be rich is part of every American's dream, but does one change when one becomes rich? Can one be happy and wealthy? Just as the characters in the novel The Great Gatsby, written by Scott Fitzgerald, people believe that money will buy them a happy life. In the almanacks of Poor Richard, quite a different approach at happiness is presented. Poor Richard writes about money as just a supplement to a wise man, that being knowledgeable and having a trade are far more respectable that inheriting money from a relative. Contrary to Poor Richard's works, the prevalent aspirations of modern Americans are better represented in Fiztgerald's work The Great Gastby, which shows the ignorance of the rich, the adulterous morality of people, and the correct way to pursue happiness. Today's society believes that money can buy happiness. Jordan, a character of The Great Gastby, explains this theme when she says, "Gastby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay" (79). Gatsby Himself later states "She only married you because I was poor…It was a terrible mistake." (131). These quotes explain Gastby's belief, that if he becomes rich, he will be able to obtain love from Daisy. This is quite contrary to the ideas of Ben Franklin represented in this quote "Content makes poor men rich; Discontent makes rich men poor", this quote explains that life itself is the reward, not the things that money can bring to it. Many wealthy people assume that it is their right to have others listen to and follow their own wishes, or thoughts. The character, Tom Buchanan is the model superficial rich person. Who attempts to force his poorly thought-out, stolen theories to all those around him. This is shown in the indication of his...

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1698 words - 7 pages the disintegration of the American dream corrupted by materialism of the upper class, the moral decay and carelessness of the wealthy. The Great Gatsby is successful in that his comments are a readily accessible feature of his book, through the use of contrast and symbolism. The web article "Miss Betty Bowers" criticizes modern day celebrities and the Catholic Church through the use of exaggeration, puns, language and tone. The movie American

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