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Immorality Of Beauty Pageant Industry Essay

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Look at her as she trots on stage with her lively curls and perfectly applied make up to match her petite fitting dress. She is only a toddler and has being participating in pageants since birth. Most beauty pageants are for young girls stretching from the ages of 3 months until the age of 18. They are entered to participate in contests that judge them on how well they appear, communicate, and perform in front of an audience. Young girls are being placed in clothing that is overly provocative for them to be wearing at such a young age. The main goal in this paper is to show the immoralities of the pageant industry that young girls are participating in.
In order to achieve the goal of this paper, information from different researchers will be presented. The first part of the paper will be to give information on how the pageant industry first got underway. Next, will be information on the number of young girls participating in pageants and the expenses for pageants cost the parents. The next part of the paper will include information stating facts on how pageants cause hyper-sexualization of young girls. After discussing the causes of that the paper will give information on how pageants cause self-esteem issues for participates of beauty pageants. Before the conclusion of the paper, information on the various types of bans will be provided and why the French are so against the ideal thought of child beauty pageants. The conclusion paragraph will give information on the overall summary of the immoral challenge of beauty pageants.
Beauty pageants originated in 1921 as an attraction to keep tourist in cities longer for businesses to produce more money. This is how beauty pageants became one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. As the years progressed, many pageants served as an entertainment for political and educational events, which also offered scholarships and help to the beneficial programs. In 1983, Vanessa Williams made a racial breakthrough for the pageant world by becoming the first African-American to have the title as Miss America. Another major breakthrough for the pageant industry was in 1994 the first handicapped woman wins the title of Miss America (Nussbaum 1).
Researchers have estimated that over 250,000 young girls participate in beauty pageants per year. Over 100,000 of these young girls are under the age of 12 (Nussbaum 1). In 2012, the overall average cost for every beauty pageant in the United States was 4 billion dollars. Parents have paid overly outrages amounts of money for their child to have the greatest style team while competing in pageants. There is one beauty pageant company that assures parents that their system “Pageant Preparation” that there will be “No more car rides home in tears!” No more disappointing pageants, missed opportunities, and humiliating moments.” Many parents pay for high-glitz coaches that cost 100 dollars per hour, high-glitz photographers cost 300 dollars per session and 150...

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