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United States' School Systems Essay

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The United States has come a long way since the early debates on public schools first began. The responsibility for education has shifted from local control to state control. Today, focus is coming from the federal government and national organizations to regulate standards. There is a shocking level of debate concerning the topic of early childhood education. Many people question how much formal learning is needed or beneficial for very young children. A variety of studies have shown, however, that some form of education, whether it is in a formal school environment or an informal environment in the home, will significantly benefit children by the time they reach traditional school ages. Children are better prepared to learn, and are better behaved. It is essential to understand the development of early childhood educational concepts and procedures. Early childhood education is the beginning of academic careers for children.
Early childhood education not only benefits children, but also their families, and their communities. Improved academic performance and increased economic savings demonstrate the advantages of high-quality early childhood education. Children who attended early childhood education programs such as Head Start, for example, were more advanced in skills such as following directions, problem-solving, and participating in activities. Early childhood care and education play an important role in the lives of all family members. It gives children a steady routines and provide infinite learning opportunities, while offering families the security of knowing their child is in a safe and nurturing environment. Many children enter some form of child care early on from the time they are infants to the time they enter elementary school. Through these early years, children go through important development stages, and with continual, high-quality care-the overall results have long-lasting effects on the development of children.
In 1964, the Federal Government created a panel of child development experts to design a program to help communities and the many young children living in poverty. The panel’s report became the basis for Project Head Start. Head Start was, initially introduced as an eight-week summer program by the Office of Economic Opportunity in 1965, it was developed to break the cycle of poverty by offering preschool children of low-income families with a program to meet their emotional, social, and health needs. Recruiting children age three to school entry age, Head Start was eagerly accepted by education, child development specialists, community leaders and parents. Head Start has had a powerful impact on communities and early childhood programs as a whole. Head Start has lasting positive effects on children and has improved self esteem, programming, achievement motivation, and behavior. At the end of each Head Start year, children are showing higher scores across the board. Head Start...

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