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Impact Evaluation Of Three Social Programs

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You are to identify a social issue and research on at least 3 social programs or efforts that try/tried to address this issue.
For each program, you should look at:
- Facts of the program (NPO, beneficiaries, country or region of efforts)
- Objective(s) of program
- Whether the program has meet its objective(s), and how far are they away from it
- Evaluation of the success of the program

According to the 2013 factsheet for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG), enrolment in primary education in developing regions reached 90 per cent in 2010, up from 82 per cent in 1999, which means more kids than ever are attending primary school. ("Goal 2: Achieve," n.d.) However, 57 million children of primary school education age were out of school. Globally, 123 million youths aged 15 to 24 were lack of basic reading and writing skills and 61 per cent of them are young women. ("Goal 2: Achieve," n.d.) Gender gaps in youth literacy rates are improving, from 90 literate young women for every 100 young men in 1990 to 95 women in 2010. ("Goal 2: Achieve," n.d.) In Singapore, primary education was made compulsory for all children who are above the age of 6 years and who has not yet reach the age of 15 years. ("Compulsory education," n.d.)

Factors that are associated to poverty such as unemployment, physical health conditions and the illiteracy of parents increases the risk of children unable to attend school and drop-out from school. ("Right to education," n.d.) Due to the lack of access to education, adults are unable to get a stable job to generate income for the family. The poverty cycle continues when parents could not afford to send their children to school. Undeniably, many children who were living in poverty are forced to abandon their education due to health conditions such as malnutrition or that they have to work for extra income to provide support for the family. ("Right to education," n.d.) Poverty is both the cause and effect of children unable to receive proper education. Besides poverty, in some developing countries, children do not have access to basic education due to gender inequalities. If a family can only afford to send one children to school, it will likely be a boy who gets this privilege. Girls are usually needed to do domestic work and playing the role of taking care younger siblings. They are often exploited as sex slaves or parents would arrange child marriages in exchanged for bride price and dowries to cope with their financial difficulties therefore they do not see a point in investing in their education. Majority of the non-schooled population are made up of girls.

According to the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, Katarina Tomasevski, for education to be a meaningful right it must be available, accessible, acceptable and adaptable. ("Education and the," n.d.)

1. Availability is when education is free or government-funded with adequate infrastructure and well-trained...

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