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Impact Of Advertising On American Society

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Impact of Advertising on American Society

American society has changed drastically over the past years and some people say advertisements reflect the society that we live in now. Advertising in our society encourages unhealthy habits, focuses in on our weaknesses and leads us to believe that we are materialistic. Advertisements can also change our vision of reality and makes us believe the impossible. Advertisements use sexual and racial stereotypes to help sell their products. People in our society encourage the commercials that demonstrate these things, like focus in on our weaknesses.

A recent commercial I just saw advertising for Pizza Hut uses sex and famous people to promote their product. The ad was introducing their new Four for All pizza. Jessica Simpson, a young popular singer, was eating this new pizza (four separate squares, with four different toppings but considered one pizza) and Kermit the Frog was in the same room with all the Muppets. Jessica Simpson said to Kermit, "Kermmy, there is some for you, your favorite." Kermit then blushed and floating hearts appeared above his head. The next scene was Jessica Simpson sits on the couch next to Kermit, and Miss Piggy walked over to Jessica and pushed her off the couch because she was jealous. Then the slogan came on the screen, "Everyone Gets What They Want." Then, their famous slogan, "Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff." This commercial in a way does reflect our society.

The producers put famous people or characters in this commercial, Jessica Simpson and the Muppets, to get more publicity so more people will actually watch it and pay attention to it. Or maybe the producers thought that people would think since Jessica Simpson or Kermit the Frog eat this new pizza then it must be good.

Since the commercial had famous people in it or the pizza is in a different shape does not mean there is something different about the pizza. It is the same old pepperoni pizza or sausage pizza as before, but it is in a different form or shape. People like new and different things. Also, with this new pizza, it makes it a lot easier to order a pizza for a family that like different toppings. It is convenient for families to just order one pizza rather one that is half anchovies and the other half extra-cheese to satisfy all the family members. The easier it is, the better it will be. This is how our society thinks and wants things to be, easy and simple. So this pizza is new, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will taste better. Television commercials are not the only form of advertising. There are many more types of methods to advertise.

An advertising method that restaurants often used is games and prizes, like "You won 1 free Pepsi!" to advertise, so more people will buy their product. A game that has been held every year for some time now is McDonald’s Monopoly game. People buy McDonald’s food to receive Monopoly game pieces. It works like the regular game of Monopoly. Some people are...

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