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The investigators of this study for this article are: Bosko Rowland, Falicity Allen, and John Toumbourou. The aim of the these three authors study was to highlight the factors and impacts that alcohol plays in Australian sports. Furthermore, the aim of the authors study was to also explain to the audience the Good Sports program that was designed to reduce the amount of harmful alcohol consumed in Australian community sports clubs. The method of this study was indiscriminate but was based off different clubs in Australia. Therefore, the authors used a method, in which they conducted a postintervention adoption study to determine whether or not the community sports club, partnered through ...view middle of the document...

Based on the principles of operant conditioning, this theory proposes that behavior can be modified when environmental conditions are modified. Proponents have argued that identifying critical environmental influences and using them to change behavior are crucial to developing effective and efficient interventions (Bartholomew, Parcel, Kok, & Gottlieb, 2006). In order to perform experiments, past data had to have been collected and monitored. In an Australian study of Australian Rules Football (AFL), Australian Rugby Union, Australian Rugby League, cricket, tennis, and Surf Life Saving, Duff, Scealy, and Rowland (2005) found that 34% of club members reported consuming five or more standard drinks on each club visit; prevalence estimates for club members were markedly higher than those in the general community (10%) at that time (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2005).
Throughout the study, they also viewed risky drinking. In Australian community sports clubs that aim to reduce the incidence of harmful...

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