Impact Of Audience On The Effectiveness Of A Text's Purpose

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Impact of Audience on the Effectiveness of a Text's Purpose


In this essay I am going to show each of these three texts has been
constructed by a writer to cater for his audience to achieve a

Summary of text one

Text ones is an advertisement title "eat to be fit". The text is aimed
at the elderly. The purpose of this text is to persuade the elderly
people to eat healthily and to shop at Tesco. We know this text is
aimed at the elderly as the wirter uses the phrases "retirement age"
and "elderly people ".

The register of this text is formal as this shows respect for the
audience which it is aimed at.

The text is laid out in a way that is user friendly. It has a large
point size in son seriff, so that it can be read easily by its

The language in the text is not submersive but is user friendly so all
types of academic background can understand it.

The diction in the text is simple also making the text even more user

The writer of this text shows good knowledge of his audience.

Summary of text 2

Text tow is a teen horoscope from the sugar magazine. Whereas text
ones purpose was to persuade text twos purpose is to predict.

The register of the text is informal due to the audience being quite

This text is laid out in a very specific way. The four titles Life,
Money, Love and friends are laid out in a way of the priorities in a
teenage girls life.

The presentation of the text is bold with a large title and large

The tone of this text is very friendly. It shows empathy with its
audience making it feel comfortable to read the text.

The type of language is submersive and uses slang often. This is
because the audience uses this type of language.

The diction of this text is simplistic as large words may confuse the
audience as it is young and may not have a large vocabulary.

The writer of this text knows its audience extremely well as he/she
often tells the audience what they want to hear in the text.

Summary of text 3

Parallel to text one text three is an advertisement for the Lightwater
Valley Theme Park.

This text is aimed to persuade young families to come to the theme
park as it was in the first text to persuade people to eat healthily.

The language of this text is user friendly and is easily read. This is
so a large range of people can understand its purpose.

The diction is also simple making the text even more user friendly.

The register is formal and is used as the audience may not understand
some types of submersive language.

The writers' knowledge of his audience is good as in the other texts.

In text one a slogan is used. The slogan "eat to be fit", is an
imperative or an order.

The logo is the likeness of Di vinchis Vitruvian...

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