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Impact Of Civil War Essay

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The American civil war was an important event in the history of United States. It changed the internal structure of American society and had a greater impact than the revolution. The basis of the civil war was due to slavery. It overthrew the once dominated planter elite politically and its slaveholding class. During early decades of the nineteen-century the planters of American south were not about to follow the path of gradual emancipation that the northern states had raged. The economies of the south and north, continues to go in opposing directs.
By 1791, they were already producing 2 millions of pounds of cotton that made British textile industry to have a vast appetite for cotton corp. That made the North and South profit from growing cotton. That made southern states grew from eight states too fifteen states. The population in the south grew more than five times. The growing demand for cotton sustained this expansion. Between 1830-1860 world demand for cotton consumption had increases by 5% per year. Cotton expert helped balance the country international trade and finances, to maximize profits the southerners farmers are planters import the food from the northwest and pushed for utilized vast land to grew cotton.
The plantations were way of life in the south which in 1670, Englishmen came to South Carolina and expand the plantation. By that they brought their African slaves which later have increased to 263000. Therefore, plantations and institution of slavery spread across the South. The large plantations and the system of slave labor shaped the culture of the Southern colonies. The plantation owners had time for education, and they had money to buy things from England. Owners of the largest plantations became the leaders in their communities. People who came to the South without enough money to own a plantation, often worked for the owners of large plantations and sometimes owning small farms.
By the time the thirteen colonies fought for their independence, slavery was well established in both the North and the South. Not all African Americans were slaves, though, about 5000 free black fought in the American Revolution. While colonists in the South learned to use slaves on plantations, the colonists in the north learned different skills. Although slavery was not an important to thr way of life in the North it did exist in the south.
In year 1607, a small band of English colonists founded the first permanent settlement in America at Jamestown, Virginia. They did not plan to own slaves even though many thousands of African slaves were already working in the New England. Also, hundreds thousands of American Salves worked on Sugar plantations and in mines owned by Spanish and Portuguese colonists in the Caribbean islands and South America.
Jamestown, colonists hoped to get rich by discovering gold as the Spanish had done in Mexico. They did not find gold but the did find a climate that was good for growing crops, such as...

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