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Impact Of Climate Change Essay

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On the basis of the evidence, it is accepted that climate change is occurring and the climate will change even further due to our fossil fuel based economy, the increasing number of people and their increasing wealth. The increase in greenhouse gases has already started having impacts on the climate, natural ecosystems and human societies. It is clear that the average surface temperatures have increased and it will continue to do as more carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere. The recent warming is unprecedented in both magnitude and speed. The projected warming for the 21st century will expect to create severe problems for natural ecosystems and human societies. Water resources ...view middle of the document...

It will lead to a potential displacement of many residents of low-lying coastal areas. The impacts of climate change will become more serious as global warming continues over the coming decades, with an increasing risk of drastic changes to the climate system. In conclusive, the evidence suggests that climate change will continue to have adverse impacts on all aspects of this planet as warming will continue, at an accelerating pace, throughout the 21st century and beyond, unless urgent measures are taken.
The science suggests that responding to this challenge will require two sets of actions: one called mitigation which is to slow the speed and amount of future climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emission; and the other is called adaptation, which is to attempt to limit adverse impacts by becoming more resilient to the climate changes. If we can reduce carbon dioxide emission, we can eliminate much of the greenhouse warming potential. But this is not as easy as it is said as removing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air is difficult. But individuals have a choice to make about our future. There are simple solutions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our communities and our ecosystem while improving out quality of life, with cleaner air and healthier people. Everyone has a choice to either take the green route or release more greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. Some solutions to decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions are to use public transportation such as public transit, subways and commuter rail. Support the 3Rs; reduce, reuse, recycle to increase sorting and recycling to divert...

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