Impact Of Diversity On Public Policies

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When the Three-Fifth Compromise was ratified and the Constitution written, diversity was rarely an issue and played little to no importance in the Constitution. However, race has been one of, if not the central of politics predominately in the southern states during the mid-1900s. It has played a majour role in defining politics and issuing many public policies such as social welfare and Medicaid. During the mid-1900s, several civil rights court cases and movements such as Brown v. Board of Education, Hernandez v. Texas (1954), Chicano and the Civil Rights Movement in which minorities were trying to bring equal rights upon the minorities took place. Other policies include the on-still ...view middle of the document...

S. Besides, the more diverse we are, the closer we are, the less corrupt we get, but overall, the more flexible and comfortable we are.
For this, educational institutes view diversity as “as an essential resource for optimizing teaching and learning.” (Maruyama, Moreno, 9) for it enriches educational experiences by making us more of critical thinkers who judge based on character quality and of ones who could effectively communicate with people of different backgrounds thus strengthening communities and workplaces. Also, it is beneficial in sustaining the nation's prosperity in modern-day terms of diversity and differences. (On The Importance of Diversity in Higher Education). A research sates that elementary through high school students benefits more when they are in a diverse environment primary at school for they are then well exposed to people who are different from them, they learn to function and appreciate other cultures better, and are furthermost, well equipped for their future as community leaders and workers. In order to expand institutional diversity, many institutes (High schools, universities and colleges) are engaged in such activities of recruitment of underrepresented students, mentoring and tutoring programs, need-based financial aid scholarships and race-sensitive admission policies for these tools are indispensable to achieve a diverse environment. (Maruyama, Moreno, 9). Some of these race-inclusive activities were acknowledged by the Supreme Court’s 8 to 1 ruling in 1978 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke Scott, in which the Court affirmed the right to consider race as a factor of diversity although they should be narrowly affirmed to further compel the interest of higher institute diversity and maximize learning experience for all students.(Does Diversity Make a Difference 13) However, in most recent lower-court cases such as the initial Fifth Circuit decision in Hopwood v.Texas and the University of Florida Board of Higher Education’s decision to end affirmative action in admissions, have questioned...

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