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The Impact of Eliminating the Electoral College The Electoral College is a very large part of determining which candidate for presidency will become the next Chief Executive of the United States of America. Often times, it is the only important factor in this decision, with the popular vote accounting for considerably less. The Electoral College is a long-standing tradition in the history of the United States, despite the fact that the idea of its being eliminated has been tossed around by many. Both Republicans and Democrats are opposed to this idea, due to the consequences of its removal. One of these consequences would be an election based solely on popular vote. Small states, which are represented in the Electoral College by no less than three votes, would be very much opposed to this notion. They would have much less representation in a popular vote, due to the sheer mathematics of their population size. In comparison to a much larger state, the representation of a smaller state would be drastically reduced from what it is under the current system. For example, California has 18 times more votes than a three-vote state, but has much more than 18 times more people in the state. It is clear that small states are at a great advantage under the Electoral College system. Small states would also be at a disadvantage with the absence of the Electoral College due to the plain fact that candidates would have less incentive to campaign in those states. Under the current system, presidential candidates go to small...

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1919 words - 8 pages that feeds. European Journal of Operational Research, 203(2), 360-369. doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2009.08.006. Kim, J., & Park, S. (2010). Outsourcing strategy in two-stage call centers. Computers & Operations Research, 37(4), 790-805. doi:10.1016/j.cor.2009.06.020. Yamashita, N. (2010). The impact of foreign outsourcing on wage inequality in US manufacturing: New evidence. Economics Letters, 107(1), 46-48. doi:10.1016/j.econlet.2009.12.022.

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835 words - 3 pages their strength several times over. To realize this is of importance in eliminating oppression, and in discharging oppression patterns. The blows from outside came early, they will still come occasionally, sometimes they come viciously when the struggle is joined against oppression. But almost all the damage done by oppression is done by its internalized persistence, by the self-invalidations, self-attacks, attacks upon each other by the members

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