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Impact Of Fast Food On Children And Adolescents

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Through Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation he examines the effects that fast food has impacted the world and the way it is affecting the people that are consuming it. As the fast food industry continues to grow throughout not only the United States but the whole world, marketing companies are always looking for ways to broaden the group of people that are interested in buying their product over another company’s. As a marketer for a fast food company it is essential to have a group of people that you can rely on to always buy the company’s product, to many fast food companies they found this group of people to be adolescents and children. Marketing groups specifically market their products to entice this group of people to lure them in. Food is an object that is needed for the survival of a human, but the type of food that humans chose to eat is also not always the best. Because fast food is so cheap and easily accessible just about everywhere you turn your head, many people resort to eating it even though it is very unhealthy. With these factors present, many adults have exposed their children to fast food at a young age, these parents do not always think about the long term effects of feeding their children fast food because they are so caught up in the moment of feeding their kids right then and there; they do not think about the health risks that can occur later as a result from eating fast food now.
The impact on children and adolescents that derive from the fast food industry raise questions in the details of the nation of fast food. The health of these people is the biggest concern among the issues that have raised questions from adults and health officials around the world and how later on the way these kids are eating is going to affect their way of life whenever they grow up to be adults. This is a consequence that the young people around the world will continue to face if they constantly eat from the fast food chains that specifically market to their liking to entice them into continuing to buy their products. Many doctors are now seeing the disease of type two diabetes, which is typically seen in adults in younger and younger people around the world because of the type of food they have established as their “diet”. Obesity is another rising factor among the younger generation of the worldly population, “severely obese American children, ages six to ten, are now dying from heart attacks caused by their weight” (242). The young people of the world are not the only ones that will receive consequences from this marketing technique either; the fast food companies themselves have been impacted by the demand of people to stop their marketing towards children help prevent the health risks that are developing within the younger generations in the world today, this in turn harms the company’s profits marginally. Through this, many other companies that have television stations of their own,...

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