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Impact Of Forensic Science On The Criminal Justice System Cotc Essay

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Melanie Hall Reaction Paper One 1
When most people think of the criminal justice system they think of the police, judges and jails or prisons, but when I think of the criminal justice system and what area has evolved the most I knew right away that it was forensic science. I believe that forensic science is very underappreciated, unrecognized or people just have the wrong idea about this part of our criminal justice system. We have our police who arrest or detain criminals and enforce laws, courts who sentence the criminals, and corrections who keep these criminals off the streets; but how do they know that the person they have arrested is the person who committed the crime if it was not witnessed? That’s when forensics play a role.
Forensic science has been around for hundreds of years and is constantly changing and adapting to new technology to make catching criminals faster and easier. There are many different fields that make up forensics such as: CSI (crime scene investigation), ballistics, trace evidence, anthropology, entomology and many more. Each of these categories can be used to solve a case yet most people do not ever hear about it or even know what these words mean. Ballistics is the use of bullets as a comparison to bullets fired at a crime scene to link a person to a crime. Trace evidence can be anything from hair, carpet fibers, gunshot residue, soil and much more. Anthropology is the examination of human skeletal remains to help determine the identity of unidentified human remains, identify trauma, and estimate time since death. Entomology is the use of insects and their arthropod relatives that inhabit decomposing bodies to determine estimated time of death, location of body, items used around body, etc.
I know a lot of people may think that I am wrong. They may say “well where would these criminals be kept if it were not for corrections” therefore saying that corrections have had the most positive evolution. Or someone may say “how would these criminals be judged if it was not for our courts?” So, then the courts would be the biggest evolution. Courts and corrections have evolved, but not nearly as much as forensic science.
What amazes me the most about forensics is how such microscopic pieces of evidence can go from making a person innocent to guilty so quickly without the person who committed the crime even knowing they left that piece of evidence. I can remember being sixteen years old and watching the show CSI and thinking to myself “wow, this is so amazing I never knew so much detail went into solving a crime.” Back then I had a very different idea of what forensic science and CSI was. Now I feel like it is my “job” to let others know how important this part of the criminal justice system is.
With how important forensics is to me and how important I feel it should be to others and the criminal justice system I even came up with kind...

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