Impact Of Gdpr On Twenty Ci University Report

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BSS064-6 Leading and Managing Organizational Resources

Executive summary
Protection of persona data is a very important issue in EU for many years, and new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes it to the new level. It is applicable to almost every organization around the world that collects and process data of EU data subjects. TwentyCi is also a data driven company that is highly affected by this upcoming regulation. This report demonstrates that what strategic choice is best and the key areas like leadership and management, operations management, information systems and finance where TwentyCi has to make amendments in order to gain competitive advantage from GDPR compliance.
On the basis of data and research it is found that differentiation strategy with authentic leader and change in organizational culture is necessary for TwentyCi to comply with the GDPR. They can use GDPR as a competitive edge if they comply with it before time. They can use change models within organization to prepare themselves for the increased obligations on them.

KEYWORDS: Authentic leadership, differentiation strategy, organization culture, GDPR, TwentyCi,

Table of Contents
1 Introduction 4
2 Analysis 5
2.1 What is differentiation strategy: 5
2.2 Leadership and management style theoretical background: 5
2.3 Authentic leadership for TwentyCi: 5
2.3.1 Personal identification: 6
2.3.2 Organizational identification: 6
2.3.3 Lower employee turnover cost: 6
2.4 Change in operations management and information systems: 7
2.4.1 Direct obligations on TwentyCi as data processor: 7
2.4.2 Proactive security process: 7
2.4.3 Internal data breach procedure: 7
2.4.4 Records of processing activities: 7
2.4.5 Deletion and Retention of important data: 8
2.5 kotter’s change model for organizational change: 8
2.5.1 Creating a sense of urgency: 8
2.5.2 Form a guiding coalition: 9
2.5.3 Creating a vision for change: 9
2.5.4 Communicate the vision: 9
2.5.5 Removing barriers: 9
2.5.6 Create short term wins: 9
2.5.7 Build on change: 9
2.5.8 Anchor the change in corporate culture: 9
2.6 Chance in financial structure: 10
3 Conclusion 11
4 Recommendations 11
5 Works Cited 13

In modern business world big data is now one of the most important technological trends of business intelligence, by giving better and deeper analytical insights it has increased the ability to create competitive advantage (Eaton and Zikopoulos, 2011). Data that is being processed and analyzed creates great value for global economy and it drives growth, productivity, innovation and efficiency (Tene and Polonetsky, 2013) .TwentyCi is also a data driven company that process massive amount of data on behalf of their controllers but now they have to face issues...

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