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Impact Of Gender In Media And Film

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I have to start and apologize for my cynical view. It is difficult for me to separate emotional stimulus from a purely analytical approach. Without using Carl Sagens Baloney Detection Kit at my side I easily diverge from logical analysis approach and immerse myself in my emotional defense. What I want to do is pull two separate and different works together and focus on the impact of gender in media and film. First I will summarize my position then address the two selected works. One work is from noted Marxist Louis Althusser where he points out eight different Ideological State Apparatus (ISA) of which I will focus on two for this writing, the family ISA and the culture ISA. The second is from noted Canadian activist and trans-gender celebrity Holy Devore. She/he writes about the concepts of femininity and masculinity and the effects on a hierarchical structure in society and the roles of that structure in society. My point of view is simple and straightforward and based on one axiom which I will ask you for the sake of this writing to assume to be true. This axiom is stated as follows; “Before the beginning was a cause and the entire purpose of the cause was the creation of effect.” This in most forms is an extension of a religious positions where the cause is identified as a supreme being, force, God , Allah or which ever deity is selected for prescription of the religious structure. The second group facts to consider are identified as a dynamics of survival and are developed from close but simplified observations of multiple cultures, societies and nations. In essence they can be described as follows; the basic and primeval thrust toward survival is survival of self. Survival of self is the strongest of all thrust toward survival and will in most situation be self-evident in an individuals actions and decisions; the second thrust toward survival is toward survival of the family or small group; the third thrust toward survival is the thrust toward large groups or societies; the fourth thrust toward survival is the thrust toward survival of humankind; the final thrust toward survival is the thrust toward survival of the spirit. While in extreme situations it may appear that some individuals diverge from this order of survival,yet, upon closer inspection we find the structure intact and true. Thus, an individual with weak or poor attachment to a survival instinct above or reliant upon survival of family will revert to the basic instinct toward survival of self. Thus, the family can not survive if the individual does not survive reviling the self-evident fact that any higher level or thrust toward survival is dependent upon a lower level or dynamic of survival. In situations where a superior thrust toward survival has assumed precedence above any other dynamic one has to consider the motivation of selfishness before assuming the higher level has dominated the thrust toward survival. Louis Althusser brushes upon this concepts in his In Marxist...

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