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Impact Of Gender On Communication Essay

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Throughout human history gender has had a significant, if not the most significant, role in human life. It is clearly a fork in the road at birth that will determine many things you will barely ever have any control over. What you wear, what you eat, what you do; all is directly influenced all throughout your life based on your gender. These “gender-roles” have been long assigned without personal say, or even our parents say. In fact, it stems from almost pre-historic times to the beginning of our evolutionary chain. Regardless of more current acts that have meshed these rolls together, I think it is obvious to say we will always look at a man and women differently. It only seems logical that they two will also communicate very differently, which they do.
Now we all have expectations of what the roles of each gender are. We all have an idea in our head about what the “real American man” is. He should boast a confidence that he is the main competitor. He can probably accomplish any task almost entirely on his own, and always does it better than anyone else. A male child is raised to aspire to have these qualities, therefore striving to display them in almost everything they do. Almost every “boy activity” revolves around some type of competition, always one versus the other. This ranges from recreational sports, like soccer and football, to silly games boy play on their own, like cops and robbers. Growing up in a highly competitive environment leads to standard characteristics we say amongst adolescents to young men.
Men tend to be honest, direct, and factual. This leads to a communication environment where the main goal is to exchange information in order to solve a problem. This is where women will find men lacking in the ability to communicate things like their personal feelings and private dreams. The classic stereotype regarding men vs. women in personality men seem to be “hard”. This does not seem out of the ordinary from another male’s perspective, but from a women who was not raised in the same competitive environment provided by society, it may be hard to rationalize the behavior. This problem does not only stick to personal life. It is more than apparent in the business world. Since men are prone to conflict, it carries with them to their business practices. The most often used method of resolving conflict is escalating it. Two men taking strong positions tend to argue it until one submits to the other. They will often attempt to create a high-stress environment for the competition, keeping only their own priorities in mind. This is not a hard scenario to picture, and seems to explain why the business world, mostly run by men, is considered so “ruthless.”
As you would imagine, women tend to be classified on the opposite spectrum in regards to their common personalities and traits. Women have long been cornered into a persona that they themselves had no role in establishing. Women, from day one,...

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