Impact Of Gender On Reactions To Military Sexual Assault And Harassment

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Title of Article: Impact of Gender on Reactions to Military Sexual Assault and Harassment
Date of article: February 2014
Author(s): Margret E. Bell, Jessica A. Turchik, Julie A. Karpenko
Source (Please attach copy of article): Bell, M., Turchik, J., & Karpenko, J. (2014). Impact of Gender on Reactions to Military Sexual Assault and Harassment. Health & Social Work, 39(1), 25-33.


Social Workers have a need to advance an understanding of working with veterans especially women affected by the concerns of sexual assault and harassment. The authors reviewed and referenced studies such as from the Department of Defense displays women in the military had more experience with sexual assault than men in their military service. The article shows how social workers seminar themselves of the needs of the veterans recovery from their sexual assault and harassment. The negative outcomes of these concepts can have a ripple effect on one’s health for years or decades. Women service members are being classified as second class citizens and getting less support from their peers and superiors. Also, women are most likely to confront the different types of sexual assault such as sexual attention and coercion from their perpetrators in the opposite sex. One large study from the Air Force personnel indicates women are more prone to disclose by sharing their emotions and experiences to friends and family than their male counterpart. In formal seeking help, a barrier on women has reported being uneasiness of getting treatment operated by the male environment and sixty-six percent would prefer seeing a female physician for their health care. The gender identities for women are observed as weak and vulnerable that interrupts their life and well-being. Experiencing their sexual assault and harassment encounters, women are assuming more control of their sexual encounters for protecting themselves, but not having sex Nor confident being a relationship. In eating and body issues, both genders don’t confidence in their bodies after the unwanted sexual meetings in the military in the fear of victimization. Women are at risk of gaining weight and other eating disorder behaviors in utilizing the control of their bodies. The authors emphasized of the review articles for social workers to address the issues to ensure greater care for veteran survivors of unwelcome sexual experiences in the military.

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