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Impact Of Global Tourism And Hospitality On Environment

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Tourism industry is one of the immerging sectors in recent world business. It has a huge potential. Many countries economy is depend on this tourism sector. We believe we can exploit this opportunity by investing its various components. Here mainly we want to invest in hotel industry because we believe this is the most important components of this sector where we can achieve our objective. We have a previous experience in this sector and we believe if we can invest the right location then our investment will be fruitful. We want to build a three star standard hotel in Cox's bazaar and franchise or joint venture it in other potential location like Cent MartinsBangladesh: A New Horizon for InvestmentBangladesh is now trying to establish itself as the next rising star in South Asia for foreign investment. The government has implemented a number of policy reforms designed to create a more open and competitive climate for private investment, both foreign and local. Its current development strategy is based on the premise that the creation and distribution of wealth occurs through the acceleration of growth driven by competitive market forces, with the government facilitating growth and making a clean break from the practices of a controlled economy where private investment is constrained. Significant progress has been achieved in reducing non-tariff restrictions on trade, rationalizing tariff rates and improving export incentives. The introduction of VAT has helped rationalization of the import tariff and domestic tax structures. The tariff structure and the import policy are kept under constant review to identify areas where further improvements are called for. With growing international interest in traveling through Asia tourism is taking roots in Bangladesh. Bangladesh offers variety ofhistorically significant and culturally unique sites for tourists. Sylhet's tea gardens, Cox'sBazar sea-beach, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer and the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world with unique bio-diversity offer tourist attractions. Ancient mosques, Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, monuments and other landmarks dot the countryside. Additional hotel and resort facilities could be created for attracting tourists from home and abroad. Dhaka and Chittagong also have an unmet demand for additional hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment and recreational facilities.2. PEST Analysis2.1. Political Analysis:2.1.1. System of government: Bangladesh has a genuinely democratic system of government. The attractiveness of a country as a potential market depends a lot on its government system. Democracy allows both economic and political freedom. Bangladesh, as a democratic country is attractive for tourism business. Though Bangladesh is politically democratic, but its different government organizations are structurally bureaucratic. For example if we release your imported goods from our ports it needs to thirty signatures to disclose it.2.1.2. Government...

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