Impact Of Globalization On People Essay

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Globalization is one of the main aspects in the 21st century. Globalization has brought the world closer; all the things that are happening nowadays are recognized globally even if they happened locally (Buckley). According to Nayef Al-Rodhan GCSP (Geneva Centre for Security Policy) globalization is not a single word or concept. It contains many other concepts within itself. Globalization is composed of different concepts like incorporation regarding the economics, transmitting information or understandings, stability within beliefs, and other concepts (Al-Rodhan p.3). This paper deals with the definition of Globalization, the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, and based on these information the views that to which extend the globalization is beneficial for majority of the world's population. The concept of globalization has changed the whole shape of the world. It has both its positive and negative impacts on people's life. However, by taking both the advantages and disadvantages into consideration we can find that to a large extend globalization is beneficial for majority of the world's population. With the help of globalization the works that were difficult in past is getting easier in today's environment. People are getting closer to each other, which is a product of globalization. Moreover, the knowledge and informations are being circulated in very good way which is a very good sign for having a good and prosperous life.
As being a main concept of 21st century knowing the definition of globalization is important. Regarding the definition of globalization Thomas Larsson wrote:
"Globalization is a process of world shrinkage, of distances getting shorter, things moving closer. It pertains to the increasing ease with which somebody on one side of the world can interact, to mutual benefit, with somebody on the other side of the world" (Larsson).
According to this definition, we can understand that globalization has brought the world closer, now people are able to interact with other people from all over the world and this interaction is for the mutual benefit of the both side.
After knowing the definition of the globalization, the main thing that should be discussed is the advantages of globalization. The concept of globalization can be seen in different fields, such as in transportation, telecommunications, and in economic fields. These all have its own impacts on the world.
One of the main advantages of globalization can be seen in the field of transportation and telecommunication. The distance barricades of the world, which had separated different people, have been eliminated by the globalization of transportation and telecommunication system. Now people can communicate and meet the people from different countries (Buckley). Globalization has formed the basis of international interaction between people through internet. Now a person setting at home can talk to a person who is 1000 miles away from him....

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