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Impact Of Information Technologies On Human Resources Management

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To be competitive in the global marketplace a company must have access to accurate information about current and future employees. (Kavanagh, Thite & Johnson, 2012) To do so, they must provide the tools to human resources (HR) manager to streamline HR processes, reduce HR administration cost, compete effectively for global talent, provide advanced reporting capabilities about the current workforce (Johnson & Gueutal, 2011)

Human Resources Technologies
Human resources technologies are used by managers to attract, hire, retain and maintain human resources, support HR administration, and optimize HR (Dessler, Chhinzer & Cole, 2013, p.50). As Dressler, Chhinzer and Cole points out (2013) ...view middle of the document...

Finally, most of the HR processes are conducted in person leaving less time for HR managers to expand their role as strategic advisor.

Early Personal Computer Technologies
The accessibility to computer hardware and software lead companies to develop early local database to store data and produce reports. This enabled HR managers to store more data effectively. However, a challenge remained: data gathering, sharing and analyzing was still the sole responsibility of HR because they were the only one with access to the data.

Electronic Database Systems
The development of relational databases was the cornerstone of HRIS evolution (Kavanagh, Thite & Johnson, 2012). With this technology, different informations could be stored and used in more than one file. This helped to increase reporting capabilities of HR managers. From that point, many companies have integrated HR department into company-wide system (Kavanagh, Thite & Johnson, 2012). With advanced reporting capabilities and the power to collect and analyse more data, HR managers could finally play their role as strategic advisors and senior management partners.

HRIS web features
The emergence of web-based features enabled HR managers to develop tools to automate many HR processes (Kavanagh, Thite & Johnson, 2012). As an example, many companies uses...

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