Impact Of Islam On Middle East

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With every culture there comes a point in their history where someone or something comes along, changes the way things were being done, and becomes a precedent to carry out standards which become a part of their antiquity. The Middle East has grown to be one of the most globalized nations based its people, culture and its religion of Islam. The induction of Muhammad and his teachings originated reason and alertness for major changes that would make the Middle East what it is today. The advent and the spread of Islam were the leading cause for key changes such as, the emphasis of religion, the importance of education, and, women’s rights in the Middle East.
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“Unity teaches peace, equality and paternity. The absence of unity brings and breeds disruption, devastation and disputes (Professor Maqsood Jafri)”. Unity is the basis in which the religion of Islam prospers, this is seen through everyday life with communal gatherings, praying together every Friday at Mosque, among other things. Harmony is strength and in harmony opulence is guaranteed, is the basic ideology that was brought on by Islam.
Religion instilled structure to Middle East, there are a set of laws to live by, a regimen to follow, “The Five Pillars of Islam”. This regimen requires Muslims to pray 5 times daily, fast during the month of Ramadan, strive to make a pilgrimage to the Ka'bah in Mecca at least once in one’s life, declare that there is no greater God except God, and give tithe to the poor. This structure made people thrive for greatness. For devout Muslims, it is necessary to strive to achieve an Islamic society, or one that meets the expectations of Allah. This notion encouraged Muslims to excel in other aspects of life rather than just spiritual.

The emphasis on education was one of the greater changes influenced by Islam. Scriptures were told orally and recited from memorization prior to Islam, but when gaining knowledge became a valuable asset to Muslims for it brought one closer to Allah, learning to read and acquiring knowledge became prevalent. There are several Quran passages and hadiths which reiterate the benefits of knowledge, an example being, “He who acquires knowledge acquires a vast portion”. AND "If anyone going on his way in search of knowledge, God will, thereby make easy for him the way to Paradise" (Muhammad), "Allah will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge by degrees." (Sahih International 58:11). Becoming wiser and bettering the self is Gods greatest gift to the people of Islam, which in lies the importance of going to school. With the acceptance and need for intellectual betterment, education grew a great deal in the Middle East. Institutions were created for higher learning and advancements in fields such as science, mathematics, astronomy, geography, physics, medicine, literature, and architecture became a widespread sensation.
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