Impact Of Management In The Globalization Of Business

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Globalization is the increased productivity of a business by using international borders to increase and multiply their output and profit. It has grown in enormous amounts in the 20th century and is expected to keep growing because of its rapid popularity. Primarily, globalization of a business is moving or building a branch of a company in a different country to expand consumer demographics, to take advantage of that country’s more affordable costs and fees, and it’s slightly less strict rules and regulations. Management in the globalization of business has become more complicated due to different restrictions on management and employee relationships because of this internationalism. Even ...view middle of the document...

If a person who has been living in the US his/her whole life is sent to Canada, to manage a service facility for the company he/she works for, they will experience culture shock but not as much as the person from US who goes to Saudi Arabia to manage a service facility. Many things are to be learned in order for management in globalization to be beneficial instead of disastrous. The basics of conversational language should be learned, the culture, talk and walk should be paid attention to and respected and last but not least the laws and regulations must be memorized and enforced

Another reason why globalization is being viewed through a negative idea is because of the unfair and immoral conditions and salaries these developing country workers get while producing products of MNC’s. They work in bad and unsafe conditions without health insurance or any such thing and get paid low wages so the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Managers and representatives for MNC’s abroad should keep in mind this issues and fix it before people retaliate and globalization comes falling down on their heads. Ethical and moral solutions to problems should be formed instead of quick fixes which could jeopardize people’s livelihood or the company’s profit. Some developing countries have very specific laws but they aren’t enforced regularly and this is what let’s managerial heads get away with small yet potentially harmful decisions.

All of these problems can be solved if the impacts of management in these situations become more refined. In the USA, management pursues a more individualistic approach where everyone is responsible for their actions and their decisions. The boss is the head of the employees he/she is placed with and he/she is the one who set goals and plan/strategize the next step while the employees carry out the procedures to meet the boss’ plan. Managerial styles in the USA consist of a more ‘reach for the stars’ kind of attitude and they give more time and...

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