Influence Of Newspaper Work On The Writing Style Of Ernest Hemingway

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Influence of Newspaper Work on the Writing Style of Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway’s first introduction to newspaper work came right after he graduated high school in 1917. His parents expected him to go to college, but instead he accepted a job that his uncle arranged for him as a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star. It was at the Star that Hemingway learned many of the rules that would shape his writing style later in life. The Star advocated short sentences, active verbs and precision in Hemingway’s writing; Hemingway said: "Those were the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing. I've never forgotten them." ( His time at the Star was cut short, however, when he joined the Red Cross and was shipped to Italy for the war.

Upon returning from the war in January 1919, Hemingway spent nearly a year living at home with his parents off of his insurance money. In early 1920, however, he moved to Toronto to accept a position writing for the Toronto Star Weekly. He continued to write for the Toronto Star Weekly even after he moved to Chicago in the fall of 1920. It was in Chicago that Hemingway met Hadley Richardson. Shortly after they were married, Hemingway accepted an assignment from the Star to be their European correspondent in Paris. Hemingway met and befriended many of the literary giants living in Paris at the time, as well as maintaining a solid track record as a reporter. During the first two years that he was working for the Toronto Star he covered the Geneva Conference and the Greco-Turkish war among other pieces ranging from bullfighting to the socialite lifestyle in Europe.

In 1923 Hemingway and Hadley returned to America for the birth of their first child. When he returned to Paris, he was given the responsibility of editing a literary magazine Ford Maddox Ford, essentially ending his early newspaper career. It was at this time that Hemingway started...

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