Impact Of Recruitment And Selection On Organizational Effectiveness

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2.1 Recruitment and Selection
Schein (1976) discussed that human resource functions are to well defined and well connected to the needs of organization, not only the needs of individuals. Many times the hiring is a system of short run replacement and is not watched for long run functionality.
Ahmad and Schroeder (2002) more deeply discussed that usually in the process of hiring, organizations use to focus on the technical skills of the employees, not the behavioral traits which fruits to a short run benefit, not in the long run. Paying close attention to the process of hiring, is in favor of organization as it is said that prevention is better that cure.
Recruitment is the process of identifying and attracting potential candidates from within and outside an organization to begin evaluating them for future employment. The selection process includes collecting, measuring, and evaluating information about candidates’ qualifications for specified positions (Sheila and Paul Bernthal, 1999)
In the research of Bernthal, P. (n.d), the author used five main recruitment strategies to identify the potential candidates, which are further classified into different techniques. An advertisement was the first strategy adopted by the author, in which he found 90% organizations using internet to identify candidates while the average effectiveness was 2.59 .
According to Barber (1998) the process of recruiting has changed enormously by using the technology especially internet. Whereas, Bartram (2001), many employers are now turning to web-based recruitment and selection because it provides a much faster system than the old practices and applicants can easily access from any where in the world.
Organizations uses internet as a attracting a pool of employees and it is preferable medium for HR professionals for recruiting applicant in various field of business. Organizations used different websites and online methods for recruitment (Phillip W. Braddy Adam W. Meade Christina, Kroustalis 2006). One recent survey indicates that over 90% of large U.S. organizations maintain their own official recruiting websites (Cappelli, 2001).
• The next strategy discussed by Bernthal, P. (n.d), was Agencies or Services, in which the result indicates 60% organizations uses employment agencies with 2.03 moderately effectiveness.
• The third strategy was School/College/Community, in which the Job fair shows highest percentage of usage, which was 66% and the effectiveness was 1.83 (Bernthal, P. n.d).
• Professional Associations strategy was the fourth one, in which the results indicates that 60% organizations uses professionals organizations to recruit the potential candidates and the average effectiveness was 2.05 (Bernthal, P. n.d).
• Internal Resources was the last but important strategy used by the researcher, and the results shows that the employee referrals was the most using practice with the 90% and also the effectiveness grows up with 2.59 (Bernthal, P. n.d).
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