Impact Of Resources, Capabilities And Technology On Market Orientation Of Indian B2 B Firms

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Journal of Services Research Volume 11 Number 2 October 2011 - March 2012
The Journal of IIMT
Dr. Atanu Adhikari Indian Institute of Management
Kozhikode Kerala, India
Prof. Manpreet Singh Gill faculty of marketing with L.G.C
Ludhiana, India

Journal of Services Research, Volume 11, Number 2 (October 2011 - March 2012) ©2011 by Institute for International Management and Technology. All Rights Reserved.
Market orientation in B2B industry, both in developed as well as developing countries, acts as the implementation part of marketing. In very limited number of earlier studies conducted in emerging economies, market orientation has been considered as a part of firm capabilities, or as a part of firm resources or how it leads to different types of learning or innovations in organizations. None of the studies so far have tried to find out how firm's resources, capabilities and technology would adversely affect market orientation. In the present study we have treated market orientation differently from firm's resources and capabilities and have tried to find out extent to which the firm's resources, capabilities and technology would contribute to firm's market orientation. From data of 215 Indian B2B companies operating in capability, resource and technology intensive industries we show that which one out of resources capabilities and technology, would play a major role in the market orientation of each of these industries. While resources, capability and technology play an important role in market orientation of firms in developed countries to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, managers in Indian B2B firms need to look and implement them from customers' point of view.
M arket orientation in all other industry and B2Bindustry in specific, calls for successfully delivering value toits customers better than the competition. Previous researches in this area have shown that a B2B firm may be market oriented through systematic market intelligence, creating competitive differentiation, nurturing competencies, and cultivating an organizational culture to successfully satisfy market needs (Raj and Adhikari 2010, Day 1994, Kohli and Jaworski 1990, Narver and Slater 1990). In B2B industry, commoditization is quite unavoidable especially in emerging markets that have historically experienced chronic shortages of an efficient regulatory body handling inter-mediatories and channel members, as well as lack of corporate social standard. In emerging economies, when an industry in B2B market has prolonged focus on rapid and voluminous production along with achieving cost reduction, B2B firms can hardly differentiate themselves to its customers (Appiah-Adu, 1998).
Atanu Adhikari Manpreet Singh Gill
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