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Impact Of Science And Technology On Society Wind Energy

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People are using a lot of different technology in all over world. Each technology impacts society at specific approach. After my research, I can tell that there are main three ways technology has been appeared. One of them is Technological Determinism which is the inevitable development of technology. The technology which is created by people is called as Technology Neutral. And the last way is Social Technology which is created by society and they are dependent on it. All other technology is considered by one of these three ways.Wind turbine energy is very popular technology in all over world. It is known as Technology Neutral because it is created by people. Wind turbines were used for grinding grain in Persia. The first Wind mill was built in Cleveland, United States. It was first Wind mill for electricity production. After some year Wind energy was used in various ways and impacted society in so many advantages ways.By the 1039s Wind mills became most popular to produce electricity in farms of United States. After some year all other country started use of Wind mills. Wind Milles is also linked with Social Construction. Because it was found in Denmark and we all are dependent on that to produce more electricity. In previous century wind machines were big in size and people were aware of that energy that was new energy, so people were avoiding using to use of wind energy. Because it needs more money and more space to built wind energy plant.Our societies really need to save natural sources like gas, fossil fuels, oil. Before some century we found Wind energy which was unbelievable and unlimited source. Our engineers are trying best to use this type of sources which can help our society. In 1930s wind energy was new technology and wind turbines were very big. At that time wind energy was too costly. Electricity can create by fossil fuels and wind energy but fossil fuels were really cheaper at that time. But after some year nuclear energy took place to produce electricity and it used fossil fuels in it and set fossil fuels prices high, so use of wind energy increase due to high price of fossil fuels.LVM built new type of wind turbines in 1985 and that really affected fossil fuels market. Fossil fuel is nonrenewable source and it is going to complete in nearer future. In running days demand of electricity is increasing because our society needs more and more electricity for development and that is not possible to depend only on fossil fuels. Demand and price of fossil fuels was increasing but we don't have enough fossil fuels to complete requirement of people, so they must have to find any other easier way. In other side fossil fuels energy is increasing problem of pollution and wind energy is pollution less energy, so people start using of wind energy and wind energy came back again and more heavy turbines have been constructed. In current life use of wind energy is growing faster than earlier. There are a lot of new type of wind turbines,...

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