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Impact Of Semester And Annual System Of Examination On Students In University Of Lahore And Saeeda College Of Nursing

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Impact of semester and annual system of examination on students in University of Lahore and Saeeda Waheed college of nursing.


According to Dr Munshi (2112)The examination means testing and estimating one’s ability and performance. It also means to test the knowledge of a student through written or oral questions based on the prescribed syllabus provided for the test within a specified period of time’ (Collins & O'Brien, 2011).

Annual system of examination is that system in which the examinations are conducted at the end of each academic year. This system of examination has a number of drawbacks. It encourages lethargy in students. It destroys the influence of teachers among the students that is directly responsible for indiscipline. It delimitates syllabi that retards students‟ intellectual abilities and make them inactive. It promotes cramming and different standards of evaluation. Behavioral development of a learner cannot be judged properly in this system. It is extremely vulnerable to unfair means, unethical practices, chicanery, deceit, and fraud. Keeping in view these drawbacks and deficiencies, the semester system of examination replaced with the annual system (Patil, 1984).

In the semester system of examination, the semester means “half of an academic year, usually 16- 18 weeks.” It means that in the semester system the students would study half of the course. In the first semester, they will appear in the examination. Then they would study the next half of the course in the second semester and again appear in the examination. In a semester system of examination, one year course is divided into two semesters and two year course is divided into four semesters (Ballantyne, 2003).

According to my point of view students gets high percentage and show better result in semester system. Students are more satisfied learn properly in semester system as compare to annual examination system.

John J Kennedy, dean of social science, Christ University, has a different explanation to give. “Both the students and teachers find the semester system easy as they don't have to prepare the entire year for the exam. However, in the annual system, students have the tendency to take it easy.” In University Of Lahore semester system is applied. Students grading is high as compare to annual system.
Learning of student is more important as compared to their position, marks and G.P.A. Learning of student plays an important role because it helps them to get what they desire with respect to their educational career. Learning takes place in both annual as well as in semester system. However, due to the flexibility of course and semester duration, semester system students learn more as compared to annual system.(Aliya 2012)

Literature Review:
Aggarwal (1997) argues that only that system of education is good which ensures effective learning. The criterion for success is effective learning. So, some precautions or some details

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