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Impact Of Silver Nanoparticle Embedment On The Frequency Dispersion And Dielectric Relaxation In Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid Doped Polyaniline

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Among this new generation of intrinsically conducting polymers, polyaniline (PANI) is one of the most hopeful candidates for the technological applications and a lot of studies have been devoted to this polymer [16]. Polyaniline in its emeraldine salt form contains alternating block copolymer of benzenoid and quinoid units (1, 4 bonding or para bonding) and an even oxidation state with equal proportion of benzenoid and quinoid units. Between each benzenoid and quinoid there are different imino and amino groups which are often used as sites for selective acid doping.
It is evident[7, 17-20] that the electrical property of doped PANI is significantly improved due to the incorporation of ...view middle of the document...

Several relevant points concerning the charge transport are still unclear. There is no general concept of how the metal nano-fillers, dispersed within the moderately doped semiconducting polymer matrix, improves the transport properties between the crystalline (homogeneous) and amorphous (inhomogeneous) regions of a polymer system. Earlier studies revealed that the temperature dependent dc conductivity of these silver-PANI hybrid materials follow three dimensional variable range hopping, but no such effort has been made so far to explain their frequency dependent charge transport and relaxation dynamics. From the dc conductivity measurements only information regarding the charge transfer throughout the specimen, controlled by the site and height disorder of potential barriers can be achieved. Instead, the analysis frequency dependent conductivity comprises the backward and forward motion of charges associated with relaxation. Above a critical frequency of the external ac field, better use of the sites separated by lower potential barriers is made, the conductivity becomes dispersive on frequency and a dielectric loss mechanism takes place. Since, the transport properties of the conducting PANI depends on the interfacial effect due to the presence of insulating...

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