Impact Of Social Networking Sites On First Year Multimedia Arts Program Students’ Social Adjustment

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Today, young people around the world have been using social networking sites with their own different purposes. The main purpose of social networking sites is communication. It is likely believed that social networking sites have greatly improved communication especially for people who have their loved ones abroad. Some people spend most of their time on social networking sites, specifically Facebook and Twitter. Studies show that most young people or teenagers are addicted to these social networking sites. Needless to say, it is not healthy to spend most of our time on social networking sites, especially for teenagers who are supposedly using their time to study. As Coyne (2010) mentions in his research paper “It’s hard for most college students to remember a time before social networks. Half of Facebook’s 500 million users will log-in on any given day. On the same day 65 million tweets are sent. The last 10 years have witnessed major advancements in global communication. It appears fiction has become a reality.”

Social networking sites can also affect social behavior. It can either improve or hinder an individual’s social behavior. In the Philippines, where most teenagers use social networking sites, such as Facebook covered 12 percent of all active users according to statistics. Most of these teenagers are dependent on social networking sites in engaging any kind of relationship with someone. It is often that an individual would be socially awkward in public if he/she is dependent on social networking sites and reluctant to personal interaction. Regardless of being so dependent on social networking sites, this may also improve an individual’s relationship with one another.

As said by Boyd (2007), internet is a very important element of life which cannot be ignored. Internet is used for educational purpose by a large community but unfortunately we have a large community including majority of youth and teenagers who use Internet for only social networking sites.
Trusov, Bucklin and Pauwels (2009) reviewed that the phenomena of social network is quite simple to understand, it is a web based facility which allows individuals to build a profile identity and generate subjective associations and connections among themselves and communicate them at a central location.
Kuppuswamy and Shankar (2012) social network websites grab attention of the students and then diverts it towards non-educational and inappropriate actions including useless chatting. On the basis of the above statement we can say that social networking sites may badly affect the academic life and learning experiences of the student. Whereas on the other hand, Liccardi et al reviewed that the students are socially connected with each other for sharing their daily learning experiences and do conversation on several topics.
Tinto discussed that extracurricular activities and academic activities are not enough to gratify some student those who are suffered by...

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