Impact Of Technology On The Sales Process Paper

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Over the past half century, technology has evolved into a dominant tool in almost every aspect of life on earth. However, developing customer relationships was in existence before the Mayflower landed on the east coast of North America. The Internet, networking, and other aspects of technology are center pieces of almost any workplace. The key is to use technology to enhance customer relationships instead of replacing personable customer service with a bunch of links and drop-down menus. A customer's primary form of communication with a company should not have to be in a chat room. If used correctly, technology can be a tool that allows the relationship between a customer and business to grow. In the case study involving G.W. Pergault, Inc., technology is attempting to serve as a tool that will allow the company to grow its market but may eliminate the established relationship the sales reps have with the current clientele. This paper will discuss the efforts the new president of G.W. Pergault is attempting to implement and how they will affect the current sales staff.The new president, Celia Fiorni, of G.W. Pergault has great intentions with her efforts to save money and expand the current market. Ms. Fiorni wants the current customers to utilize a website to purchase products from G.W. Pergault. This will allow the current sales reps to go out and get new customers. It will also cut down on order errors which have been a concern of the sales manager, Ken Sutton, for a long time. Order errors have a large negative affect on the company's budget and reliability. The company can also save on supplies because there won't be anymore in-person ordering.Ken Sutton and the sales reps' immediate concerns were how the changes will affect the importance of their jobs. If the customers are ordering everything for themselves, what purpose does the sales reps have. They also expressed concerns about the customer relationships they have established with the clientele. On the other hand, Ms. Fiorni feels there will be a need to expand the sales team because they can concentrate on gathering new customers. All of these efforts are logical for budget purposes and usage of manpower.Ken Sutton can make this transition go a little smoother by expressing to Ms. Fiorni he agrees with her ambitions, but he should make sure she understands the culture of their market in Milwaukee. Mr. Sutton can gather comments from the customers and sales reps. Those comments can show a bond the two parties' share that should not be broken so suddenly. The comments can also open an opportunity for a unique strategy that may be effective for the Milwaukee market. Along with getting Ms. Fiorni to understand the current customer relationship, Mr. Sutton must also gather his sales team and convince them they are not considered expendable.Mr. Sutton may have to use some traditional managerial tactics to get this point across. Trying to express the company views using the approach of a...

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