Impact Of The Gap Between Education And Women Social Entrepreneurship Research Paper

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Impact of the Gap between Education and Women
“We educate women because it is fair, smart and transformative.”
Hanan Ali Mohammed
Clark University
Why I care so much about global access to education
There is a girl I know; she is almost anywhere. She is not emphatically banging on her desk, arguing over who had it worse in Romeo and Juliet, or trying to figure out why A squared times B squared equals C squared. She isn’t typing code into a computer or looking at the anatomy of a human body. She’s not raising her hand, writing on the blackboard, or even getting detention. We know what she isn’t doing. Rather we know she is working. Harder than many of us have ever worked under grueling physical labor, for which she may not even get to enjoy. She is caring for young children; her own and her mother’s. This breaks my heart, because something we take so for granted isn’t even in the realm of possibility for more than 50 million girls all over the world. But this also makes me furious. Furious because she is missing out on what I believe to be a fundamental human right, education. Maybe she has the idea that will make cancer treatable or, maybe she has the idea that will help us stop global warming. But because we wont see to it that she has the education necessary to unlock what is insider her, we’ll never know what she could have been. And neither will she.
Impact of the Gap between Education and Women
Giving a girl a chance to have an education is the best investment that her community, family, and nation can make. It is evident that a good quality education can have an impact on boys, girls, men, and women helping them climb the ladder of success in their life. This paper will observe that educating a girl is an essential fact of her life. For instance, educated girls will marry later in life; bare children that are healthy, make money that will be invested back to their family and community and involve themselves in activities that will be of benefit to their countries and communities.
The paper will look at the gap between education and women, and the factors that prevent it from happening. It also reflects the ongoing work by Non-Governmental Organization on projects of enhancing women economic empowerment through education. It gives detailed points on the journey of the organization, how it started to how it succeeded in empowering women to receive an education. A complete summary and analysis that is centered on global evidence to back up the hypothesis that stresses the importance of gender inequality in terms of enabling women to receive an education that will, in turn, be of economic benefit to the globe. It includes policy analysis and best practices that should be carried out by developing countries to support the critical argument.
The world is facing numerous numbers of problems that need to be addressed...

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