Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On History

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Evolution is life, as life is constantly changing. During Histories most important periods the world changes drastically. According to historians, two of these periods have taken place, and one of them was the Industrial Revolution (Miller, 492). Like its name suggests the Industrial Revolution had to do with the evolving Industry. It was a period during the 18th and 19th centuries marked by social and technological change in which manufacturing began to rely (INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, Timeline Index). Power driven machines began to perform what people had done before. Many significant changes in the way goods were produced took place ultimately transforming and modernizing the world. The basic resources for industrialization: land, capital, and labor, were available leading to mechanization and the modern factory system changing industries such as the textile industry. Steam engines were invented, coal replaced wood and charcoal, steel was created from iron, roads and canals were improved along with railroads and the creation of steamboats advancing transportation means. The division of Labor, interchangeable parts, mass production, and the assembly line, among many other factors contributed to the modernization of the industry. Advances in technology, communication, science, and medicine took place altering society and ways of life. People were changed along with culture (Miller, 489-97). However, throughout these ever flexing times, one thing remained nearly consistent-literature. Of course, even the arts were revolutionized.
During the Industrial revolution literature, as it usually does, reflected the dramatic, social, and economic developments taking place throughout the world. Artists revealed in their work a sense of the rapidly changing times and the influence of revolutionary scientific ideas (Miller, 534). In effect, several prominent literary movements took place. They are Romanticism, or the Romantic Movement and Realism, including regionalism and naturalists (Miller, 534-38).
The Romantic Movement, also known as romanticism, took place in the early 1800’s. Rather than write about the lives of ordinary people, romantics dealt with the ‘romance’ of life. They appealed to sentiment and imagination rather than reality (Miller, 534). The essence of Romanticism is a belief in the power and validity of human emotions as a means of knowing and a guide to life. Instead of following the previous periods’ belief in a ruling class as the center of power, romantics believed that power existed among all people. This was due to every humans capability to learn through emotional experiences, regardless of stature (Roberts, 1032). Romantic writers not only glorified these beliefs but the past as well, so it made sense that the Romantic Movement was partly a reaction to the Enlightenment Movement of the 1700’s. The people of the Enlightenment emphasized reason and progresses the way romantics lived off of emotion and instinct (Miller, 534). In...

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