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Impact Of Tourism Industry To The Environment

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The government has clearly made efforts with regards to sustaining our country’s natural reserve. Through the policies they’ve implemented to every region in the Philippines, the sustainability of the environment in a certain place can be easily achieved.
Our country's wildlife and natural reserve is now experiencing threats because of the ever growing population of our country. It is also threatened because of the continuous hunting of the said animals whether for commercial or for subsistence use and exploitation of the resources which the environment has. Also, the ignorance of the Filipinos on the great importance those resources have is a threat to our rich ecosystem.
In line with the efforts made by the government to ensure the global competitiveness of the country's economy, policies made for further developments should be environment friendly, especially in the tourism industry which relies heavily on natural attractions.
This gathered data came from a research interview conducted by the researcher to an expert. The expert who has been interviewed was Ms. Joreen Rocamora a Domestic Tourism teacher.
According to Ms. Rocamora, not all of the changes in the environment are caused by the development of the tourism industry. For her, these changes in the environment are mostly coming from people. It is not only coming from the tourism development but also coming from avarices, apathy and arrogance of the people. When they seek for more, when they would want to get more from the environment whether it is coming from the industry of engineering and manufacturing, if one is seeking more from it then, definitely our environment would changed negatively. Second apathy, when one is indifferent, he or she does not care about the lives of other people especially on how they lived. Environmental awareness will just throw away all of those things and one can harm the environment if we do not think other people especially the future generation, whether it is coming from the tourism industry, engineering or manufacturing or any other industry like agriculture, it could also harm the environment. It is not coming mainly from the tourism industry; that’s why there is eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is low impact tourism, there is no need for us to develop the area, we just need to maintain, sustain and preserved what we have in the community. There’s no need for a lot of visitors to occupy the said area. Tourism development, yes it is one of the reason if we do not minimize the negative impacts of development in our country, particularly in a certain destination. If we maximize all the positive impacts definitely it will not harm the environment. For example, when we have new hotels, if they use solar for their power, if they use organic materials, if they use biodegradable and even reuse water to cover the field and even the golf courses for watering the golf courses; when you say tourism development you also pertain to practices and management systems. An...

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