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Impact Of Traditional Music Essay

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CHAPTER ONEINTORDUCTION1.0 Background to the studyOver recent years there has been much interest in the way that representations of the rural contribute to the discourses of rurality of everyday life in the countryside (Cloke, 2003a; Halfacree, 2006), with this, it is to establish the fact that thing of the old are gradually being forgotten, including some kind of music which were being used. Music is an asset to every society in the world, doing away with music is like ignoring water in life which is impossible because music is life and life is music. In Africa and probably other parts of the world, music is regarded not only as a medium of artistic expression but also as providing an avenue for individual and corporate expression of experience. In religious rituals, sacrifices and worship in general, music is used to praise chiefs, wealthy people and other important personalities in the community as well as in contact between man and man, a means of object of worship, music forms a means of communication (Nketia, 1965).Also, underway in Europe in the nineteenth century was the development of traditional music collection and analysis. While Traditional music studies had already known several centuries of activity, the growth of nationalism in the 1800s had served to intensify efforts for musicians and folklorists to spread into the countryside in Germany, France, Italy, or elsewhere, to seek out the music that was at the heart of a nation's expressive self. Until at least 1910, traditional music is as historically ancient, rich, and diverse as the continent itself. Traditional music is passed down orally (or aurally). It is not written, and it also relies heavily on percussion instruments of every variety, including xylophones, drums, and tone-producing instruments such as the mbira , atenteben or "thumb piano." Traditional music is generally performed with functional intent in celebrations such as birth ceremony, festivals, games, funerals, marriage, story-telling, puberty rite and many more (Nketia, 1966). African people traditionally and in the modern day have a rich oral tradition that ensures the passage of cultural practices from one generation to another. On their part, Malmusi, (1990); Rycroft (1962), Stone (1982) argue that oral literature and music are intimately connected in most parts of Africa and are often impossible to separate. Shelemany 2001 says, listening has been an important skill that has been perfected by oral traditional practices. A number of African musical songs and dances were and are still transmitted from one generation to another by word of mouth. It is unfortunate that less attention has been given to music and musical performance in the representation of rurality. This is despite a surge of interest in the geographies of music (Anderson et al., 2005; Connell and Gibson, 2003; Leyshon et al., 1995; Rawding, 2007; Smith, 1997, 2000)Music existed as an important segment of African culture long before it was ever...

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