Impact Of Using Search Engines On Study Skills Of The Students

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People wonder what exactly search engine are and how they created a vast impact to the study skills of its users? The search engine is a software system designed to search web based information and to identify items in a database that correspond to the keywords specified by users. It is indispensable tools for finding web based information also a beneficial tool for students and faculty in making their academic papers and other purposes.
In 1990, the first fundamental search engine named Archie was created by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J. Peter Deutsch, a computer science student from McGill University. It was generated a searchable database of file names on FTP sites. Since Archie was introduced before the internet was detracted a large scale basis, its database has a few public filenames to search manually. Archie was evolved into Veronica and Jughead after the Gopher protocol was launched. It was created by Mark McCahill at the University of Minnesota in 1991. In this year until 1993, the web was starting to change. In response to this change, the World Wide Web Wanderer was created and launched by student of MIT Matthew Gray. The wanderer was the first full text crawler. This software system was a series of boot used to search and list on database called Wandex. It was considered as the beginning for the modern search engines we use today (Admin, March 22, 2012).
During 1998, two search engines were existed before the Direct Hit was introduced, the Alta Vista – author controlled services, and Look Smart – editor-controlled directories. Direct Hit used relevancy, which relied on the hit ratio, and to compute search engine placement. Furthermore, Google and Yahoo were search engines uses page rank which monitors the number of links a certain page. They were the two prominent search engine right today.
Search engine became a paramount tool for finding web based information from the internet. It was used for a wide variety of tasks, from simple searching into complex tracking of needed information (Singer, G., Norbisrath, U., & Lewandowski, D. 2013). It was evolved into widely used services and basic tools for tracking web based information. The use of the search engine has been found to predominate over all types of Electronic Information Seeking (Griffiths, J. R. And P. Brophy. 2002). In addition, the quantity of users who employ search engine was increased. As a result, the studies that investigate the behavior of the student in searching information when using search engines have accumulated and more robust search engine was customized to the student’s particular necessities have been developed. The developing popularity of search engine has changed the perception of the student in information literacy in library based approach.
The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of search engine on the study skills of the students and the other users. It also aims to identify whether the academic use of search engine can enhance...

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