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Impact Of Vertical Mobility On Employee Efficiency: A Comparative Study Of Public And Private Health Sectors

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In today’s competitive environment vertical mobility is an important issue. Vertical mobility refers to a person or group's movement up or down in an organizational hierarchy. Vertical mobility is commonly referred to as social mobility; yet vertical mobility can also refer to any movement up or down a hierarchy of any kind, not necessarily related to social status in the same way that social mobility is.

In an organization, vertical mobility is considered to be an important human resource practice which is of two types; upward and downward. Upward vertical mobility refers to a person’s movement up the promotion ladder and while downward vertical mobility stands for demotion.

Employee efficiency is an employee characteristic and relate to the speed and accuracy of an employee at the job task. Actual output of a person compared with the desired or planned output, expressed usually as a percentage (Business Review). The concept relates to employee productivity - the more efficient they are, the more productive they will be if managed correctly.
Organizations continue to struggle with the specific issues of employee retention and manpower shortages. The attitude of employees towards promotion and growth opportunities is positive but the idea is that how well these practices are implemented and communicated in the organization.
In Pakistan a number of organizations have a low performance rate. This is seen particularly in health sector where physicians and paramedics seem to lack the required job persistence and diligence. So, the purpose of this research is to diagnose the level of satisfaction with vertical mobility practices that are being followed in Pakistan and the impact of these practices on employee efficiency.

This research is comparative in nature and was done on public and private health sector. So for this research the sample was taken from Holy Family Hospital and Shifa International Hospital.
Holy Family Hospital is a renowned and well reputed hospital situated at the heart of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. It is a progressive, full service hospital offering advanced medical and surgical care as well as specialty support and outpatient services. It was established in 1948 and has been affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical College since 1977. It is a 400 bedded hospital situated in Satellite Town and admitted over 10,500 people for care and provided more than 111,000 visits for outpatient services in 2009. Holy Family Hospital is also involved in activities impacting community health through education, child care and other neighborhood issues, projects and events.
It has departments of Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology. The hospital has advanced equipment installed in most of the wards. The most of wards are air-conditioned and excellent library exists for reference purposes.
The hospital is in stage of rapid expansion. A brand...

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