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Today it is all about the latest and greatest. Then again, who does not want the latest version of some fantastical gadget that you have to have “now”? In the twenty-first century, technology has been shoved into the pool of international application and without floaties has swam through it with flying colors. Technology has shaped the way the world runs today; from airports to enterprises, big companies and even education have all been radically changed by the emergence of successful technology. Not only has it shaped the outside world, it has changed home-life as well. Read the following scenario, and note how technology surrounds the lives of just one hypothetical family:

While dear old dad takes a conference and shares his presentation via screen share on his computer, mom is in the kitchen checking her PDA to see when her appointment is and notices it is someone’s birthday on Facebook, so she tweets about it. Sally sits at the table texting her boyfriend and listening to music on her Smartphone as she updates her relationship status on Facebook from “single” to “in a relationship”. Bobby eats his breakfast and shoots an email to all his teachers saying he will be “sick” that day. On the way to school, Sally sees one of her friends with the new iPad 3G, and her friend uses it to type up and email herself an essay that morning that had just slipped her mind. As mom goes off to her appointment, she runs into one of her friends at the salon who reads from her Nook one of the Twilight books since she wants to know what her daughter is actually interested in as an attempt to generate bonding between them. They laugh and chat all day as mom receives a business call from an employee who is sick but promises to scan and fax over the presentation for tomorrow. Dad then goes off to work where he balances calls, emails, meetings, lunch, and the occasional bathroom break with his every-five-second contact with someone else needing something printed or copied or put into a PowerPoint. At the end of the day, they get to the table, thank mom for an amazing meal, and pull out their electronic pacifiers once more, and after dinner all rush to the TV for family movie night.

In the above situation, there are over five different types of technological encounters in less than a thirty-second lasting hypothetical situation. It seems to be clear that technology runs our lives, even our video games! Every month, even day it seems, a new game, console, virtual map pack, and more appears to the greedy grubby childish hands of the general public. Children and adults alike are captivated somehow by the virtual world, something that with a simple hand-held controller can become their world, and technology has made it this way. Technology has affected various aspects of the gaming industry including its economy, different companies’ successes, and the specific evolution of different aspects of game consoles.
Technology has become a large factor that affects...

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