Impact Training: Empowering Employees Essay

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The author would like to argue that employees must be trained and empowered because there is no other way out for the organization until or unless they train their employees. The organization cannot gain or sustain its competitive advantage until or unless its employees are well-trained and well-skilled. Employees are the most important assets for an organization and employees become a sustainable competitive advantage for any organization if their individual goals match with the organizational goals and objectives. Professional development is also one of the most important concerns of employees in an organization. It is important to note that an organization has certain goals or objectives which it wanted to achieve by devising an effective and efficient strategy. Humans are the most important component of an organizational strategy to reach its goals and objectives. The most basic initiative which an organization has to adopt is align its goals with employees’ goals to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace and this initiative is achieved by training employees. Employees are compensated and motivated by using a number of methods like increments, trainings, promotions and performance appraisals. (Action & Golden, 2003)
According to Burm (2007), the organizations are acknowledging the training of employees as a source of competitive advantage and they are aware that human resources are the most important asset for an organization. Employees with knowledge, necessary skills and competencies enable the organization to win the war of competition and gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. The training programs are tailored according to the organizational strategy and employee tastes to align the personal goals of employees with the organizational goals. Employees are trained in a highly learning environment and employees can feel the difference in the performance after training. One of the most important benefits of training is that it increases the motivation, commitment and loyalty of employees to the organization.
Hughey & Mussnug (1997) argued that different motives were associated with the training programs of employees. There are diverse kinds of motives involved in the training of employees such as some organization wants to increase the knowledge and skills of their employees relative to competitors. While some of the organization has the motive to empower their employees by increasing their basic knowledge or expertise so that they could perform their basic job duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Some organization wants to motivate their employees by compensating them in terms of skills rather than in terms of money because money is not important all the times. Therefore, there is no single motive of an organization associated with training but organizations have some a large number of motives associated with their training programs.
Action & Golden (2003) stated that...

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