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Affected Self Image Essay

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People all around the world are being influenced by what’s become popular culture. From shirts to shoes, all the way to music to what’s being talked about most; all of it revolves around most popular icons today. While some choose not to pay attention to what’s “hot,” others seem to be changing their whole lifestyle to fit in with what’s going on in the world. Social media websites, magazines, music, people, and trends are coming into play during this huge cultural shift. Looking mainly at women, gender begins to play a role as to who cares more about their personal image inside and out. They’ve started to put aside their simple moral qualities and have tumbled to the goals of normal up to date slants as they start to shape their image to what’s recognized as today’s “in,” and how these notable individuals influence their mental self portraits contrarily.
Girls who begin to believe that dressing like some popular icon’s is going to win them points might end up giving men around them the wrong idea, and may begin to build a bad reputation for themselves. If one were to leave and walk around a popular city, paying attention to how young adults were dressing, they’d be astounded. Girls on social media sites have made it okay to post pictures of themselves in revealing articles of clothing, some clothing, or even no clothing at all. This brings them a large amount of negative appeal. Men all want one thing at such an age, and it’s almost as if these women are fueling their fires. Men then, might not only begin to pursue such an individual, they will more than likely leave all their concern at the door; hers, and the people she surrounds herself with. The men then only will take her out to receive what they want. She falls for the nice attention, only getting more caught up in her new infamy. Once this has become noticed, things may start to get harder for that individual. Girls love to gossip, and once you’ve put yourself out there in such a manner, other girls begin to talk. This would be the beginning of rumors. Girls begin to get into catfights and drama begins whether it was wanted or not. This may or may not even lead to bullying, causing a girl to become depressed and fall through an emotional spiral.
Women who begin to idolize such celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus might fall into alcohol and substance abuse because they watch them do the same. When you look at someone like your hero, or role model, you begin to want to do as they do because you look up to that one individual. This may include alcohol and substance abuse. Both are highly addictive and may cause serious health issues, especially if you’re under the legal age limit. You begin to slip through the cracks and it will begin to ruin your life. The majority you see at rap concerts like Rocky’s are intoxicated prior to arriving, or get intoxicated during the performance. This rapper energizes these indecencies, as well as raps about them, lecturing about the positives...

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