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Influences Essay

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You can be influenced by anything, the television, your friends and your family. If you are influenced by these factors negatively, the influences may push you to lead dangerous, life threatening decisions. How far can the media, family, and friends push you?
“Media has had an increasingly negative impact” (Mokeyane 2); media affects the lives of us all negatively at some point. People are being driven to eating disorders and others by copying the behaviors of the lifestyles being projected. Teenagers are surrounded by all types of media; radios, television, magazines, and the internet. All this media will produce images in our teenagers’ brains that they need to be perfect to be accepted in society from ads with skinny supermodels. “How did this unrealistic idea of the perfection of the ‘ideal body’ get framed… open a newspaper or magazine, switch on the television or radio.” (Gupta 1). The models and dieting ads from media drive some teens to eating disorders or the thought that perfection is real. The apparent reason for our teenagers to this conclusion is media poisoning.
“Sizes of supermodels and actresses often influence teenage girls” (Mokeyane 2). It’s known that the media contributes to most of teenagers’ views and how they think of themselves. Marya Hornbacher was influenced by the media at the age of five years old and developed a eating disorder that the age of nine. “Imagining that I am the sophisticated bathing suit lady… tan, and long and thin.”(Hornbacher 11) , she was also affected my her dysfunctional family to develop an eating disorder because they also “tend to run in families” (Sifferlin 1).
The media will also influence you to choose dangerous or life-threatening choices such as drugs. “You want to fit in… that’s when you start to make some of those bad choices”(Rushing 1). The media basically promotes bad lifestyles to live by; producing shows about drugs and getting pregnant at early ages. The media is ruining our world with the glorification of sex and drugs. It makes it difficult for our people to rise against bad choices making it easy to be under the influence; “media makes it challenging for teens to make responsible behavioral choice”(Mokeyane 2).
The social media can also push teens to self-mutilation through other kids online harassing others, known as cyber bullying. “Social networks and media could introduce even more young people to so-called cutting” (Norton 1). People are being so pushed over the edge by social media and the thought of perfection to go so far as to harm themselves, like cutting their wrists, or killing themselves. The media isn’t responsible for people being mean to each other, but it created a place to where you can be almost completely anonymous to everybody and say whatever you want. Although “teens can benefit from media exposure by developing cultural and political awareness” (Mokeyane 2), it doesn’t outweigh the negative effects it has.
Your friends and family can...

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