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Impacts Global Warming Essay

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It has been talked about for years as an environmental concern of not only the United States, but the rest of the world. Global Warming. But is it truly what people have been told for their entire lives? Is it just a fluke of nature, or caused by human hands? Is there a way to stop it from furthering? The world may never know. (Mr. Owl, Tootsie Pops).

Global Warming is interpreted in many different ways depending on the current standpoints of society and the environment or the seasonal climate outside the front door. I past years there was no concern with global warming, it wasn't even recognized as a problem. In more modern times global warming has become a serious issue especially ...view middle of the document...

Heat waves have been experienced for millenniums on planet earth, but recently have gained intensity through the effects of global warming. According to Dr. Amanda Staudt at the National Wildlife Foundation, “Global warming is bringing more frequent and severe heat waves, and the result will be serious for vulnerable populations” (National Wildlife Foundation). These heat waves are expected to be permanent and normal by 2050, when the average summer temperature will reach 90 Degrees Fahrenheit. Heat waves cause higher levels of reported heart attacks, strokes, and asthma attacks. With longer more constant heat waves the levels of these incidents will rise as yearly reported values.

“Many prevalent human infections, including malaria, dengue fever, and cholera, are climate sensitive” (Harvard School of Public Health). Global Warming has increased the rate of the spread of diseases such as these. When temperatures are higher than average, illnesses such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion have higher potential. When people are too hot, their blood rises to the surface the skin removing oxygen-filled blood from the brain, causing even further issues (Environmental Protection Agency). While death from heat related issues is preventable for the short term by doing things like drink water and going into an air conditioned area to cool down, it will not solve all of the problems, nor will it be effective in underdeveloped countries without access to these resources. If the issue of global warming is addressed, the heat waves may recede back to their original intensity. With heat waves as the most common cause of weather-related deaths, it is imperative that global warming is prevented from further expansion.

Not only is global warming increasing the intensity of the heat waves but also causing more to occur each year. They affect not only the human stability but also the plant and animal populations. Ecosystems are dependent on a stable environment to build themselves around, if that stability falters the entire ecosystem can fail. We as humans rely on the small ecosystems to produce our food. If an ecosystem fails or changes, it can affect the entire human race. This occurred in 2013, when the heat levels in California increased to a level that began killing off the plant species that feeds livestock. This in turn then increased the prices of meat in 2014 for the general population (Earthjustice). Global warming can affect all aspects of a social culture. Social lifestyles, environment, and economy. Through global warming, heat waves have increased in intensity and frequency, thereupon affecting all areas of the world culture.

As the temperatures rise more and more each year, the energy must end up somewhere. The Polar Ice Caps are a perfect place for this to occur. Since the start of the globe, the sun has been attracted to the Polar Ice Caps, they help to cool the earth down. When the sun hits them, they absorb some...

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