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Explore the social or environmental impacts of an industry sector (sports, tourism, charity/community, events etc.) with appropriate references to academic journals and newspaper/web material.
For many years the impact of tourism has been based on the economic and social effects, however in more recent years it has been made apparent that the social implications tourism has on the chosen countries are due to cultural integrations that are brought in by different people. The purpose of this assignment is to explore those social effects that have been brought by tourism, these include the inflow of money for people in poor areas, cultural mixing, visitors effect and the effects of tourist Rights, tourism in a new country may be fun and excited but however tourist are unable to understand how tourism can have both a positive and or a negative impact overall.
The business of tourism is a vital part of Dubai's economic growth as result of increase of flow of foreign cash within the country (Cooper, 2009). Dubai holds an important position in tourism and to uphold this position the government of Dubai has managed to make more development and improvement on other agencies and industries associated to tourism such as hospitality, banking and finance. The government recognised that in order to reform the industry, the government has to show the approach for development of Dubai. The growth of Dubai as tourist destination and business centre has attracted many tourist. Nevertheless, Dubai also attracted the tourists for its shopping malls, buildings and Islamic architecture, the government focused on the above subdivisions of the city could maintain the interest and attention of the tourists for travelling
Tourism involves movement of individuals of different geographical locations and the founding of social relations amongst individuals who would otherwise not encounter. Cultural Clash may take place as a result of differences in religion groups, cultures and language. Tourist are usually unaware of what cultural backgrounds the country holds. In Dubai, Religion plays a substantial role with their culture, ‘there is a major clash between the Islamic and tourist that triumphs within Dubai and its backgrounds. ‘With Islam as its official religion, Culture in Dubai is essentially a Muslim’. (UNEP Para 2). In Dubai, It is essential that woman walk around fully clothed and no skin to show, however with tourist, the idea of walking around for example on a beach many seem meaningless. Tourist don’t understand that being fully clothed you are respecting the culture of the country, however due to the country needing tourism, the country is able to provide tourist, places where they can freely walk around without disrespecting the cultural background. Dubai has made it possible to have an area where tourist can walk around without disrespecting the cultural views the local have. ‘In attempt to put Dubai on the world tourism map as a global, tourist destination,...

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