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Impacts Of Civil War Reconstruction Essay

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The American Civil War drastically changed communications in America by introducing new means of communication, and improving on old ways. Before the Civil War, you would need to speak to someone in person to tell them important news, or just to chat. During an after the Civil War, there were new and more efficient ways to communicate without taking a carriage to get somewhere or sending a soldier out onto the fields to tell a general something. You could do things like send a telegraph or a letter using the Postal Service. If it’s national news, and everyone needs to know about it, like the assassination of President Lincoln, you could publish it in a newspaper. The Civil War impacted ...view middle of the document...

Anything else the censors didn’t think should send, didn’t send. Such as letters in foreign languages, and letters with graphic content. To censor the letter, a soldier with an nonessential position, like the dentist, would either cover the words with ink, or cut out the words. Censorship began to get more extreme as wars went on, and then pretty much stopped after WWII.

Now let’s say you’re a man on the streets of New York in 1863. It’s cold, winter, January 2nd, and you pick up a newspaper someone left. The headline declares: “LINCOLN FREES SLAVES” with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, on January 1st. You quickly realize that, if this newspaper hadn’t been written, you might not have known about this event for days. Newspapers during the Civil War were some of the first to have field printing presses, so a journalist could print something on the go. Newspapers were important in the Civil War because they could convey “civilian appropriate” information (i.e. not confidential) quickly and easily. Inside Civil War era newspapers, you’d be able to find stuff like information about different units, and what has happened to them. After the Civil War, newspapers grew into massive empires, with lots and lots of money (it’s no doubt the Civil War helped these newspapers grow) and they’ve slowly declined since the “Digital Age”. However, even with the decline, the newspapers and news sources have transferred to the internet, and we can’t forget where they got their start, the American Civil War.

The year is 2014. So many people have a cell phone now. Thanks to the...

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