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War is something that everyone knows about. it is very prominent and chances are throughout the history of the world there is always someone effected by it during any point in time. Wars come and go leaving many good and bad things behind, whichever light it is looked at from, weaponry is always one of those things. War time is notorious for pushing technology to the edge, this including weaponry. There have been several wars that impacted future weaponry but the Civil War is on the farthest away that you can still see a prominent major impact even with modern day weaponry. The Civil war took many existing weapon technologies and improved them as well as standardizing them. Around this time period new weaponry technology were also implemented to work towards the war effort. Many of these weapon advancements are evident today, through the hard work of the people during Civil War times.
Infantry is arguably the most important thing that you need for a war. In previous war soldiers used what is known as line tactics. (Ben Judy) Line tactics essentially meant lining up soldiers in rows and marching toward one another to be able to fire at each other. As crazy as that sounds it was pretty much the most effective way to fight, given the weaponry they used. (Ben Judy) During that time they used what is called a smoothed bored musket. Tactics changed and new weaponry was implemented. The standardization of the rifle came into existence because of its increased accuracy, with this said the Military then started to issue these types of guns to the infantry. The rifle as it sounds uses a rifled barrel instead of a smooth one its predecessors used. Rifling was the result of cutting spiraled grooves into the barrel of the weapon(Andrew Duppstadt) With this the previous average of 300 feet of accuracy of the smoothbore muskets was now increased to about triple that with the rifled barrel.( Even with the new found popularity of the rifle no one really knows where exactly it originated or who created it first, but it is speculated to have first been created somewhere in the 15th century. Before the Civil War Riffled guns were mostly used for hunting and or for sharpshooters during war(Andrew Duppstadt.) After the Civil War was over riffling became the new standard. During numerous wars and even during peace time pretty much every gun that was invented used this method. In WWI many bolt action sniper rifle used this method, along with pretty much every pistol, light machine gun, and rifle. Two of the most popular guns used during the Vietnam war the M16 and AK47 were based on previous rifles that got its influence from the rifles used during the Civil War. Most modern day weapons are based on previous weapons that all used the same method for best efficiency. Weapons infantry use nowadays are still using the same method for the barrel as they were back in the Civil War. Granted Technology has improved and so has the rifle the general concept of riffling...

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