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Impacts Of Estrogen On Breast Cancer And Cervical Cancer

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breast. They are sometimes called pre-cancers, because they do not grown into or invade normal tissues within or beyond the breast. Invasive cancers do grow into normal tissues. Most breast
cancers are invasive. If there is more than one tumor in the breast, the breast cancer is described as either multifocal or multicentric. In multifocal breast cancer, all of the tumors arise from the original tumor, and they are usually in the same section of the breast. If the cancer is multicentric, it means that all of the tumors formed separately, and they are often in different areas of the breast (Breast

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) is a non-invasive breast cancer where ...view middle of the document...

It shows what the abnormal cell lobes look like. Even though LCIS insist of the word “carcinoma” it is not an actual breast cancer. It is actually an indication that one is at high risk for developing breast cancer at some point in your life. Some actually use the phrase “lobular neoplasia”. Neoplasia, meaning a collection of abnormal cells. LCIS is viewed as an uncommon condition. It is usually diagnosed before menopause, most often between the ages of 40-50. Less than 10% of women diagnosed with LCIS have already gone through menopause. LCIS is extremely uncommon in men (
Figure 3
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) is the most common type of breast cancer. Invasive meaning that the cancer has “invaded” or spread to the surrounding breast tissues. IDC is also sometimes call infiltrating ductal carcinoma, all together meaning that the cancer has broken through the wall of the milk duct and begun to invade the tissues of the breast ( Two more types of Invasive breast cancer are Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and Inflammatory Breast Cancer. ILC starts inside the lobule but grows into the surrounding normal tissue inside the breast. Figure 3 shows the ILC cells growing and spreading into the surrounding normal tissue. It’s the second most common...

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