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Impacts Of Medicare And Medicaid Essay

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As we become older, issues with our health begin to take affect and finding ways to fund for that care is becoming even more difficult. In the article “Some Elders Must Take Drastic Measures to Obtain Long-term Care”, national magazine journalist Mary A. Fischer (2011) states that many Americans must face demeaning and disempowering choices in order to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare—federal funded health insurance programs— such as refusing to pay for a spouses institutionalization, divorce, and spending down assets. The author argues that these choices leave the healthy spouse with decreased funds to plan for their own retirement expense (Fisher, 2011). Working in the health care field ...view middle of the document...

With average monthly rates of $3,000 to $7,500, without the assistance of Medicaid and Medicare, the applicant’s entire savings would be gone within 6 months or the applicant would need to depend upon his or her family to either assist with funding for the long-term care facility or completely care for their loved one independently (Fischer, 2011).
The final argument discusses proposed solutions that mainly affect Medicaid’s participation in long-term care, suggesting that Medicaid should provide long-term care, similar to providing the Part D prescription drug coverage. Furthermore, there should be more devotion to keep the elderly in their homes and communities for as long as possible. AARP research shows that nine out of ten Americans would rather stay in a more familiar setting, than in a facility, especially with cost differences of $38 billion for home-care to the $60 billion for institutionalized care (Fischer, 2011).
I agree with this article and the author’s main points. It shows that the increasing demand for long-term care facilities—especially with the baby boomer generation being upon us—will soon force federal funded health insurance programs to change some regulations or requirements to supply better care while allowing beneficiaries to maintain some financial stability. The author uses clear and a variety of points, ensuring that the reader’s will understand the importance of these issues. In addition, the author uses real-life examples to gain the audience’s compassion for those individuals and to demonstrate the affects that the regulations and requirements can have on the elderly.
My only disagreement is that the...

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