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Impacts Of The Disappearance Of Social Security

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More and more talk recently about the fact that Social Security is on the fast decline has left many people, especially those around the retirement age, wondering what they are going to do for their income when they retire and the system falls through. The fact that this system is disappearing is quickly turning into a major problem because there is a large percentage of the economy that is on the verge of retiring and they are going to need money for that. How, though, will they receive this money if it no longer exists?
Social Security is a system that is set up in the United States that helps people of old age still have a source of income after they retire. It even helps some people who have medical issues and are not able to work. Everyone that does work, however, has to pay a percentage of every paycheck they make towards the Social Security fund to help the people who need it. Then, at a certain age, when people are eligible for it, they start receiving payments from it while other people continue to pay into it. But for some time now, there has begun to be more people taking money out of the fund than putting money in to the fund. It is said that “after 2017, the U.S. Treasury will have to sell more public debt to finance the Social Security deficit” (Pozen 54). While some people continue to refuse that there is actually a problem with Social Security at all, it has been proven that the system is slowly but surely disappearing; in order to fix this growing problem, the head officials in the government are going to need to step up, admit what is going wrong, and start coming up with logical solutions that everybody is going to be happy with to fix it.
A lot of people are questioning why so many think that there is a problem with the Social Security system in America. It is stated that “a gloomy forecast is predicted because of Social Security funding shortfalls, a disappearing defined-benefit pension system, and a dearth of private savings” (Tacchino 8). This goes to show that there is actually a problem with the system and that there is more than one reason as to why the future of Social Security is so uncertain. Defined-benefit plans are plans that the company one works for provides for each employee and they are based on things such as the number of years the employee works and the salary that they earn. Chuck Blahous, a former Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute who specialized in domestic economic policy, says that “the acceleration of Social Security’s difficulties is leaving egg on many a face- not only those of the most vocal problem-deniers, but on those of other forecasters as well” (27). Some people refuse to believe that Social Security is actually in the process of disappearing (Blahous 26). Denying the fact that there is a problem with this could leave many people in a lot of financial trouble if they realize that there is no more security to fall back on and they don’t have money to retire because they weren’t concerned...

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