Impacts Of The Human Ecological Footprint

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Jana Demian
Mrs. Trotter
Biology 3AB
March 25, 2014

There is no hesitation when it comes to whether humans impact the global environment. However, it is questioned in whether human’s ecological footprint is either negatively or positively impacting. In clear perspective, humans share from both sides and their ecological footprint is noted towards whether it will benefit or harm the environment around them. Topics such as overpopulation, pollution, biomagnification, and deforestation are all human impacted and can harm the environment, but some include benefits into helping the world around us with solutions to their problems.
Well known, this issue can be the main cause for many problems in our environment
and is existing surely because of humans themselves- overpopulation. “Overpopulation is the problem” and causes other externalities such as pollution, deforestation, and a greater handful of biodiversity losses. In addition, overpopulation causes economic and political factors such as more consumption per person and the reduction of resources that can be provided per person. This contributes to the strain on ecological systems and the economic and population growth. With overpopulation, many resources become finite and an umpteen amount of ecosystems are being destroyed. Overpopulation relates to the impact of humans on pollution. Obviously with more human life, there is more necessity for jobs such as factories that give off fumes, automobiles, and the use for burning fossil fuels. In greater extent, this leads to an environmental factor in that it accumulates chemicals in food chains such as mercury, arsenic, and copper. It can lead to political problems as well, when trying to interact with other countries and stop the problem of global pollution and eventually ending up reducing the industrial business and leaving many people unemployed. This can advance towards a bigger problem in certain ecosystems and cause a loss of habitats. Humans are the main cause of pollution and in this aspect they negatively impact our global environment.
Moreover, a relationship is linked between all these problems that humans cause- overpopulation leads to pollution as pollution leads to biomagnification. Biomagnification is the increase of a toxin through organisms in links of a food chain. Furthermore this is caused by pollutants hence the relationship with pollution. Over the years biomagnification lead to a bigger problem than it initially was. It can cause diseases in organisms and a resistance of the bacteria to antibiotics. This can be a social factor in that it can cause disease within humans. Biomagnification can...

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