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Impacts Of Tourism Essay

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In recent years tourism is very popular because people want to delight themselves, and forget
about their regular exhausting routine, or just simply they have a thirst for adventure. It is an ever
expanding service industry with latent vast growth potential. This industry has grown
enormously over the last half of the century, and there are few places which are unaffected by it.
Undoubtedly, there are some advantages of tourism in the global world of nowadays, it is an
excellent way to develop a country. However the disadvantages should not be overlooked, it can
also cause harm. In this essay, I will outline the most important role it affects in a country's
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The environment can be greatly affected by tourism in cases
where the attraction is a vista of nature’s beauty, visits of people in vast numbers could mean
huge amounts of treading and pollution of materials such as plastic waste, bottles. Uncontrolled
tourism is menacing many areas around the world. It is a serious problem in areas with high
concentrations of tourist activities and natural attractions. These occur when the level of usage is
bigger than the amount of caring for the environment. It can put great compression on an area,
and lead to negative environmental effects on all areas of the natural environment - rivers,
mountains, beaches, and many more. For example, in Salam Park, New Delhi, India, there has
been reported huge amount of litter in all corners of the park. This is just because of influx of
tourists across the world. It can degrade the physical appearance of the environment, making it
no longer appealing to tourists. In a way tourism is killing tourism.
It is often argued that tourism is a chance for people to get into contact with each other, and as
tourism has an educational element to it, interactions with tourists promote social and cultural
exchange which improves the quality of life of the residents in these settings. Through exchange
of experiences, information and knowledge, the local communities are able to broaden their
horizon and increase intuitiveness, appreciate and understand between people and cultures, and
provide opportunities for an these own personal culture, and ways of life. The improvements to
infrastructure and new leisure...

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